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At Doylestown Acupuncture we offer innovative approaches and traditional healing to help you live your best life. Click here to read our Covid-19 policies for treatment.

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We are a dedicated, passionate team of board certified & licensed acupuncturists

Led by Ryan Collins and Eileen Espiritu, at Doylestown Acupuncture, you’ll find experienced practitioners who care.


What Our Clients Say


“Ryan’s healing work was critical to getting me through a year-long emotional trauma. His acupuncture expertise and compassionate nature translated to very individualized treatments that mapped to how my mind and body were internalizing my trauma per session – and it was often very different per session, over 18 months. Regardless, Ryan knew exactly what I needed to feel better. And no doubt, I did, every session and for a good period of time thereafter. I cannot put into words how helpful Ryan and all the wonderful people at Doylestown Acupuncture were in seeing me through the other side of things.”


“I’d had acupuncture sessions before, but Eileen’s treatments brought me back to a sense of centeredness that I didn’t even know was possible. From the moment I sat down with her, I could tell she was really listening to me. I couldn’t believe how much she was able to help me — I wish I’d started seeing her years ago!”

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